Knowing that there was something greater has helped me to overcome many challenges in my life. You can heal your body through spirit. I had a tough childhood that put me in survival mode from infancy and made me wise beyond my years. I like so many people, did, did, did…until disease shocked my life. I realize that I must work on spirit in order to project my true light outward. Modern medicine saved my life but universal love, saves my soul!

I have been watching news headlines and videos regarding the shifting of the earth. So much natural disaster and therefore human awareness quickly increasing each day. The information is so spread out that one must begin to place the knowledge together in order to see the whole picture. I feel that this is part of my journey, as a historian would study genealogy; I will research the earths lineage.

I seek what most everyone seeks out of life, happiness! I want to wake up each day knowing that I am a good spirit, who lived each present moment to the fullest! Ideal, I know but why not?!

Each day I seek to center my mind, body, and spirit, as the earth rotates at its core. This fills me with light and allows me the energy to heal. So come learn with me and lets journey together into a new consciousness.

Love in the Light,

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 A Universal Seeker and Guide! Located in the Los Angeles, California Area.